Welcome to Brandsday! A new technology social-commerce app reinventing the e-commerce industry combining social networking and e-commerce capabilities creating an ecosystem of brands, experts, advisors, influencers and customers providing a unique experience for all of them.


Brands will have full control over their stores including selection, price, content, promotions, marketing and online merchandising. They will also have real-time access to sales performance and access to all customers and will have the capabilities of integrating their sales teams (even stores teams) into our platform to provide a unique pre-sales advice to our clients.


Advisors will have a new route to monetize their sales skills, direct access to brands for marketing collaborations and direct access to clients to offer them their pre-sales advice skills in their specific areas of expertise. The advisors will be paid a commission based on their performance by Brandsday.


Customers will have a one-of-a-kind experience connecting with brands, advisors, and other customers before completing a transaction. Some of the new features we are offering are; live streaming shopping experience, Likes, comments, tags, re-share choices, rating and reviews for brands and Advisors with a customized public profile page.


Brandsday has designed a user-generated content app with the required technologies to improve the experience and scale quickly as a marketplace.


Download the app here and enjoy the Brandsday experience!!